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Challenge/Ropes Course [Home Page]

Click to ZoomThe Challenge Course at John Knox Center is a great addition to our ministry. We have over 30 different challenges that range from heights of 3 inches to 40 feet. Every element provides a unique challenge to a group.

We can develope a program, based on our low, mid, and high ropes elements, for the various groups that come to participate in our Challenge Course. Groups come to the John Knox Center from all over to learn the valuable life skills of teamwork, communication, and problem solving.

The Challenge Course is led by an experienced instructor who will facilitate, provide for safety concerns, and debrief each element. Those participating in the Challenge and High Ropes Course will grow both as individuals and as a group.

The five goals of the Challenge Course:

  1. Click to ZoomTo increase the participants' sense of personal confidence.

  2. To increase mutual support within a group.

  3. To develop an increased level of agility and physical coordination.

  4. To develop an increased joy in one's physical self and in being with others.

  5. To develop an increased familiarity and identification with the natural world.
If you are interested in bringing a group to participate in the Challenge Course or if you desire more information, please contact us.

Please Note: All of our team building classes require participants to fill out a release prior to participating. Click below to download this form.

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